Schools/Education: The RWMK Talks Team

The Refugees Welcome MK Talks Team is working to help our children, staff and parents be ready to provide the support we can to new and existing refugees.

As educators we must also dispel many of the myths (“scroungers”, “terrorists”, “trouble makers”) and instead address the real human need and the benefits to our multi-racial society.

With our colleagues from British Red Cross, we have trained speakers and facilitators who can offer schools (at no cost):

  • Briefing sessions for staff (twilight, staff meetings, INSET etc) including full access to free of charge Red Cross teaching materials and trigger material, publications etc
  • Short focus sessions for pupils (interactive)
  • Workshops and classroom activities for pupils at all key stages (KS1-KS5)

We are aiming to provide information and support for every school in Milton Keynes.

If you would welcome a visit from our Talks Team to your school to work with your staff/pupils about Refugees Welcome MK, or if you can help us with our school activities, please click here to send us an ‘Education Enquiry’ message. or fill in the form below and press the [Submit] button at the bottom:

“It takes a whole village to raise a child; it takes a whole community to integrate a refugee”

Education Resources

British Red Cross Teaching Resources about Refugees

Refugee Welcome School – Are you interested in encouraging your local school to be a refugee welcome school? The link (via the National Refugee Welcome Board Resources Page) has info.