JUST ONE HOUSE – The way forward for getting homes ready

To scale up our work furnishing homes for families to move into, we work with faith groups, businesses, schools, clubs or other organisations who can commit to getting involved with kitting out ‘Just One House’.  As of May 2017 we have six groups committed already, i.e. taking responsibility for six houses.  We will be looking for more to get going later in the year or during 2018.

Each group can build up a level of commitment that suits them.  The basic level of involvement simply entails raising the money for kitting out a house with new items – £3,500.  You can then hand the funds to us and our experienced team will do the rest. Alternatively, a group could procure all of the items needed (and we will supply the list) by asking their friends, colleagues and families to donate their unwanted items – they’ll need to raise a small amount of cash too, as some items will be required new.  And they need to find somewhere to store all the items and keep them safely until they are required. We would provide guidance and oversee the process. If the group is really keen, it could also commit to getting the house ready.

So, could you encourage your workmates, or your local mosque, church, synagogue, scouts group or choir (for example) to get together all that’s needed for ‘Just One House’?  Can you find a leader, get yourselves organised, raise some money and find a store?  If so then please contact us by sending an email directly to furnishings@rwmk.org.uk

[Updated info available on rwmk.org.uk/donate/#house ]