Great Get Together Iftaar 16th June 7:30-10:30PM

The Great Get Together Bring and Share Iftaar is inspired by the late Jo Cox, MP, who was a tireless peace and human rights campaigner.  It will be an opportunity to celebrate both the unity of the peoples of Milton Keynes and the month of Ramadan.  Let’s give unity, peace and tolerance the thumbs-up in Milton Keynes!

When: Friday 16th June 2017, 7.30-10.30pm

Where: Campbell Park Pavilion, Milton Keynes MK9  4AD.

Info poster to download/circulate: Great Iftaar Poster A5 v3[33543] (PDF)

Original story with links to RSVP and ‘get involved’ details  from the Citizens:mk website: 

The aim is to celebrate MK’s unity and diversity by bringing together its diverse communities to share Iftaar, the breaking of the daily fast observed by Muslims during their holy month of Ramadan.  We will break the fast together, in a spirit of solidarity.  We invite non-Muslims to have a go at fasting all day from sunrise to sunset, some for the first time, to see how it feels.  We hope 50 individuals from 50 non-Muslim MK organisations will have a go at this.

Inspired by The Jo Cox Foundation, this event has a Vision to build new relationships across Milton Keynes  regardless of individuals’ voting behaviour at the General Election on 8th June.   Instead of hearing form parliamentary candidates before the election (as originally planned for 23rd May), we hope to hear from MK’s newly-elected MPs talking about their visions for MK’s future.

At this event, some of our members will present personal stories relating to justice, inclusion and welcoming newcomers to Milton Keynes. The MPs can talk about how they plan to uphold these and what other priorities they will work on if re-elected to Parliament.

RSVP to or click here to book your place online.  Select either a ‘FASTING’ or ‘NOT FASTING’ ticket, according to your ability and desire to experience abstinence from food and drink for that day.

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