Help Us Set the Agenda – Supporters’ Mtg Nov 13th

Old summit breakout sessionTwo years ago, something amazing happened. People across Britain were moved by the desperate plight of refugees in the Mediterranean. Across the country refugees welcome groups sprang up. Our group Refugees Welcome Milton Keynes (RWMK) began as a Citizens MK campaign, but is now an independent charity.

It has been an amazing two years! We have been privileged to welcome eight families to MK through the Government’s Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme. Two more families will have arrived by the end of the year – nearly sixty people in all!

If you have been closely involved with any of this, you will know how good it has been to meet our new friends and welcome them to our city. You will also know how careful we have to be about safeguarding, professional boundaries and data protection – which means we can’t talk about it because of the need to preserve family privacy and safety. Some people have been closely involved, but many haven’t had a chance to help yet.

But we are aware of the danger that our initial enthusiasm and energy might evaporate if we don’t revitalize our ideas and rethink our work. To address this we are going to have two very special Supporters’ Summits:

7.00pm on Monday 13 November at the Church of the Holy Cross in Two Mile Ash
At this first meeting we will hear from refugees and volunteers about the challenges that need to be addressed and welcome ideas from you all for future action. At the end of the evening we hope to form some ‘research groups’ to explore ideas in more detail. The full address of the venue is 2 Church Hill, Two Mile Ash, Milton Keynes MK8 8EQ.

7.00pm on Monday 19 February 2018 at Milton Keynes Academy
At this meeting we will decide what projects will be taken forward to set the agenda for the coming year. The address of the venue is Fulwoods Drive,Leadenhall, Milton Keynes MK6 5L

Please join us for these important meetings, and help us welcome more refugees even more effectively in Milton Keynes! Late-breaking details about the meetings will be provided on our Events page: