‘DO SOMETHING BIG’ Meeting Highlights

On 19th February at 6:30PM Refugees Welcome Milton Keynes hosted a special Supporters’ Meeting in which we asked for supporters to step up and ‘Do Something Big’.  Highlights of the meeting included our requests for people to help with (a) the integration of families in Milton Keynes [especially work opportunities and mentoring], (b) welcoming families [especially coordinating the teams who have already volunteered], and (c) raising awareness of the issues affecting refugees and migrants [especially helping to write articles and speak at events].

A PDF version of the slides from the evening (for those who missed it or would like a record/reminder of what was said and the contact details) can be found by clicking on the following link:

Supporters Meeting 190218 v1.3.pdf

A lively series of discussions followed the presentations, and several concrete actions are already forthcoming: we will be following up these actions and describing them in future articles and meetings.  Many thanks to the MK Academy for hosting the event, and to all our attendees