Cakes Aid Refugees

Delicious home-made cakes helped raise much needed funds to house Syrian refugees in Milton Keynes last Saturday (April 7).  The fund-raising event was held at Truby’s Garden Tea Room. “We sold out completely,” said Truby’s Kurshida Mirza, “and raised £1,120 towards settling Syrian refugees in MK.”

Truby’s, an inter-faith community cafe run by British Muslim women, are hoping to raise £3,000 which will equip a house for use by a refugee Syrian family.  Working with the local British Red Cross and Refugees Welcome Milton Keynes (RWMK), they are planning two more events, dates to be confirmed, to achieve the total £3,000.

Truby’s is a member of Citizens:MK and works with that organisation to tackle local issues such as access to mental health services, ending homelessness, combating hate crime as well as supporting the Red Cross and RWMK in the resettlement of Syrian refugees.

The cafe at Truby’s is arranged like a traditional English tea room and, besides cream teas and cakes like those in our picture, serves halal food from a variety of cultures, as well as their speciality – gourmet burgers with sweet potato baked chips and Italian salad; all of it homemade by volunteers.

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Bon appetit!