#ExtendTheWelcome: An MK Family’s Story (Video)

A resettled Syrian family from Milton Keynes took to the stage on 29th June* at the Citizens UK Civil Society Summit in London to launch the #ExtendTheWelcome Campaign – which is all about making sure the UK government continues to resettle refugees once the current programme ends in 2020.

At the event, more than 200 civil society leaders from Mosques, Churches, schools and other organisations from across the UK joined together in London to celebrate the government’s and communities’ support for thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing the horror of war. As part of the event, Citizens UK launched a campaign urging the Home Secretary to extend the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme in the UK beyond 2020, and urged the Home Office to #ExtendTheWelcome, a life-saving pursuit fully endorsed by the International Observatory of Human Rights.

In the 7-minute video below you can hear directly from an MK family and one of our RWMK Trustees, Nour Sakr, speaking to the attendees at the event and describing their experiences.  Please watch the 7 minute video below (highly recommended viewing), and share it with your community, friends, relatives and colleagues via the ‘Share’ link in the upper right corner:

*Although this event took place on 29th June 2018, the video has only just come to our attention, hence the fresh posting in November 2018!