Syrian Kitchen comes to CMK

At the Milton Keynes Festival of Creative Urban Living (26th September to 13th October), ‘The Syrian Kitchen’ will be serving the best of Syrian food at The Meeting Place on Midsummer Boulevard (opposite The Point, MK9 3NB) – more detailed location info at the end of this article.*

The Syrian Kitchen is created by six refugee women from all over Syria who love to cook. All are now living with their families in Milton Keynes and are keen to further their lives in the UK.  The menu reflects their lives in Syria with dishes handed down from their mothers and grandmothers. Food allows them to bring the taste, colours and a little bit of Syria into their new homes. Their cuisine uses exciting flavours and the food of tabbouleh, kibbeh, fattoush, and flatbreads are just a few things they want to share with you!  Please see full details including a PDF flyer/handout with location details on the RWMK Events Page.

*TRAVEL TIPS: If you can find the Point at MK9 3NB, the Syrian Kitchen van is right by it – hard to miss!  You’ll find the road in front of the Point closed and once you’ve crossed it there is the van with homemade wooden table and chairs outside it.  There’s good parking in the new Multi-story across the road from the MK Gallery which normally has plenty of room. Lunchtimes they are serving from noon to 2PM, and the intention for evenings is to server from 5PM-8PM, depending on whether they sell out of food at lunchtime!