9th Nov: Truby’s Garden

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Kurshida writes, “Dear Friends of Trubys, Our next event is on Saturday, 9 November, 12-5 PM at the Guildhall, Church of Christ the Cornerstone.  More information on the attached poster. Our 9 November Trubys Garden Tea Room event is celebrating our Five Year Anniversary! There will be lots of fun including ‘guess the sweet’, nasheeds and one free meal (cheapest) for every five meals ordered – so make sure your party includes five people!!! 

And yes there will be a cake bake off competition for the children with prizes – get your children to bake and decorate a cake and bring it along on 9 November. A panel will judge the cake on flavour and decoration at 3.30 PM. Entry registration needed – contact Kurshida on 07702894940.

Cake bake off age categories: 5-10 years old; 10-15 years old.  Please keep on promoting to help us raise lots of money for the Community Sponsorship Project to support more refugee families settle in MK.

And please save Thursday, 7 May 2020 for the Great Get Together Iftar in Campbell Park. 

If you or your organisation would like to help or sponsor any part of the event then please get in touch with me.

Peace and blessings, Kurshida”

As always, Truby’s Garden brings together a delicious menu taking you on a trip around the world along with delicious home made cakes and cream teas promoting interfaith dialogue!  Monies raised from the event will continue to support Truby’s consolidated efforts to settle Syrian families in Milton Keynes. See their Facebook page for additional info: https://www.facebook.com/events/561233971286173/