‘For Sama’ wins BAFTA Best Documentary – viewable online

UPDATE 2/2/20: FOR SAMA HAS WON THE 2020 BAFTA AWARD FOR BEST DOCUMENTARY.  From the Channel 4 website we note that the film ‘For Sama’ is still available as an on-demand replay at the link below.  The site describes the film as ‘An epic and intimate journey filmed through five years of the uprising in Aleppo, Syria. Waad al-Kateab tells the story of how she fell in love, married and gave birth to her daughter Sama.’*  It is available from Channel 4 for on-demand replay at channel4.com/programmes/for-sama


The film makes harrowing viewing, but shows the reality of what many suffered.

*(The synopsis and image connected to this web post both come from channel4.com/programmes/for-sama, copyright © Channel Four Television Corporation 2019)

Update, 2nd February 2020: You can find more technical details about the film and its recent BAFTA award at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/For_Sama