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Afghanistan, Refugee and Asylum-seeker Crises, Autumn 2021

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Who we are and what we do
[from original RWMK.org.uk website, 2016-2020]

Our main objectives are:

  • To relieve financial hardship among those seeking asylum and those granted refugee status particularly by the provision of support, advice and translation services.
  • To advance the education of the public in general about the issues relating to refugees and those seeking asylum.

What’s the issue?

According to the British Red Cross, there are more than 15 million refugees world-wide, mainly from war zones including Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Sudan. In 2015 the UK received nearly 39,000 asylum applications of which less than half were granted. Nearly 120,000 refugees live in the UK thats 0.18 per cent of the total population.

What’s Milton Keynes Doing About It?

Milton Keynes was quick to offer allparty political support to refugees and for our work to help them. Labour, Conservative and LibDem party leaders are patrons of RWMK. Thirteen families have settled in with our help and we expect more to arrive as part of the governments commitment to welcome 20,000 Syrian refugees into the UK by 2020. Funding for this comes direct from central government and not from the local rates.

Who’s a Refugee, Who’s an Asylum Seeker?

Whats the difference between the terms refugee, asylum seeker and migrant?

Refugees are in the UK legally and with the right to work, having satisfied the UK authorities they would be at risk if returned to their home country. Asylum seekers have sought protection as refugees but their claims have not yet been assessed.

Migrant is a description covering anyone moving from one country to another to seek a better life. They may or may not have a legal work permit.

We work with refugees and asylum seekers .

Encouraging Integration

We believe integration is crucial for our refugee families as they become part of their local communities. We work hard to ensure they dont feel isolated. Our volunteers often act as befrienders or buddies. We award small grants to aid employability and foster relations with neighbours and friends. For example we provide families with financial help to join a work training scheme, get driving lessons, rent a laptop, access swimming lessons for children, provide travel to a museum or place of interest, learn cooking or other life skills…

How You Can Help Us 

  • Visit our Partners and Donate pages to see the best ways to help
  • Offer meaningful work placements with positive outputs
  • Be a “work mentor” to one family
  • Interpret or teach ESL for the Red Cross
  • Be a “buddy” family and help with all aspects of integration
  • Organise social events that support integration
  • Offer positive links to sports/hobby groups who want to help
  • Become a volunteer: see our Volunteer page and our Volunteer Case Studies page.

And come and join our team working for a worthy cause.

At this point, we’re not looking for new ideas. We’re looking for leaders and doers – people who can step up and make a difference.  We need active trustees, capable administrators, and people passionate about making a difference.


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