Refugees Welcome Wolverton

Refugees Welcome Wolverton (RWW) is the first of what will hopefully be several under the heading of Community Sponsorship.

RWW aims to give refugees a better future by resettling and integrating a refugee family in Wolverton.  As the project gets underway, there is significant work to be done before we are able to help a refugee family under the Community Sponsorship scheme: We need to finish forming the core team with a fundraising and housing leader before we can work together to gather donations and of course, a house, and then we can begin to change the life of a refugee family and welcome them to Wolverton. Thank you for your patience as we work to get to this point.

See video about us further below.

Volunteers needed!

Are you interested in being our fundraising leader?

We are looking for someone who can take responsibility (with the support of the fundraising team and the core team) to coordinate our fundraising activities with the ultimate aims of:

  • Raising £9000. (We have approximately £2.5k of this already)
  • Engaging our community

Community engagement will mean arranging a couple of activities (barn dance or Syrian food evening, for example) which the community can attend and donate to, giving involvement and ownership of this project to more people. There will be lots of help, but we do need someone to take the lead.

Our Chairperson, Gill, was originally going to do this role, but it is something we realise we now need to split as it is too much with the role of chair too.

Other roles

We have the following working groups in the process of being formed. If you previously signed up at the meeting at the MK Christian Foundation, or later via email or social media, the group leaders will be in touch soon.

  • Application – will oversee the application process to bring the family to the UK
  • Housing – will find suitable housing for the family
  • Liaison – will provide the support to help the family settle into the local community
  • Fundraising – will help to raise the money need to help the family settle and cover the associated costs – experience and knowledge of setting up and using fundraising services such as JustGiving and LocalGiving is additionally helpful, though not required
  • Communications – will share news about the project to engage local people to volunteer and raise money

If you are interested in any of the above, please email us at

When we have all the leading roles filled we can begin to work together as smaller groups to get this project off the ground!

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