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Afghanistan, Refugee and Asylum-seeker Crises, Autumn 2021

Please visit our ‘New Group Welcome MK‘ story, ‘Rolling Updates‘ story and Home Page for breaking news including specific donation links, which we repeat here for convenience.  We are relaying advice directly from the MK Council and British Red Cross about what forms of help/donation are best at any given time.  Pending regular updates, we have been advised to recommend the following links for donations:

Links to our partners and sites where you can help

As of October 2020, RWMK is no longer accepting direct donations, but is instead directing prospective donors to our key partners listed below.

British Red Cross

BRC Refugee Support service offer practical and emotional support to vulnerable people seeking asylum, refugees and migrants. Our trained volunteers and staff provide advocacy and casework support to ensure people are aware of their rights, and can access essential services, at times via specialist referrals. Our service users and those with lived experiences help to shape our service. If you would like to help, please visit

For donations to the British Red Cross, please visit

If you know anyone who may need BRC support, they can call the BRC Helpline 0300 333 5393

BRC Special Coronavirus support activities are described here.


Launched in 2010, Citizens:mk is an alliance of diverse community groups – churches, mosques, schools and others – working together for a thriving, inclusive and fairer Milton Keynes.  Each member institution pays annual dues to fund a trained Community Organiser.  Using the methods and tools of community organising, Citizens:mk trains people of all ages, faiths and backgrounds to take action together for change.  Constitutionally, it is an alliance of Citizens UK, with strategy determined by a local Leadership Group.  Since launching the Refugees Welcome campaign in 2015, Citizens:mk has supported Refugees Welcome MK and continues to support MK’s Sponsor Refugees groups.


Refugees Welcome Wolverton

Refugees Welcome Wolverton (RWW) is the first of what will hopefully be several under the heading of Community Sponsorship.

RWW aims to give refugees a better future by resettling and integrating a refugee family in Wolverton.  As the project gets underway, there is significant work to be done before we are able to help a refugee family under the Community Sponsorship scheme: We need to finish forming the core team with a fundraising and housing leader before we can work together to gather donations and of course, a house, and then we can begin to change the life of a refugee family and welcome them to Wolverton. Thank you for your patience as we work to get to this point.

If you are interested in helping Refugees Welcome Wolverton, please email us at

When we have all the leading roles filled we can begin to work together as smaller groups to get this project off the ground!

Visit/Like us on Facebook:

Sign up for our RWW Newsletter by clicking here.

Building Bridges MK

Building Bridges MK is a volunteer run organisation which originally provided supplementary education for young refugees in Milton Keynes, and is now moving towards a Community Sponsorship scheme similar to Refugees Welcome Woverton (above).

Please email any enquiries to

Click here to see an example of a recent Building Bridges MK volunteering opportunity.

Milton Keynes Food Bank

You can find the MK Food Bank online donations page at image for full-size poster)

Sanctuary Hosting

Sanctuary Hosting matches homeless asylum seekers, refugees and vulnerable migrants to people in the community with spare rooms and open hearts, to stay with them rent free.   Sanctuary Hosting works throughout the Thames Valley, in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, and needs Volunteer Hosts as well as Support workers who work to ensure the hosting process goes well.To find out more, please email or download the following PDF document:
Sanctuary Hosting Flyer March 2017 (PDF)

Where RWMK fundraising has been spent

Between August 2016 (when we started fund-raising) and October 2020, we collected nearly £40,000 from you, our generous donors. The refugee families, and all of us at Refugees Welcome MK (RWMK), thank you for donations that are already helping to change lives.

We have five main areas of expenditure. These are listed below, along with the percentage of donation monies committed as of October 2020:

31% – Resettlement (including gifts of items for houses, etc)
10% – Integration (activities to help establish new life)
41% – Grants (for families to become more independent)
16% – Costs (incl. legal, admin, IT, comms, meeting sundries etc)
2% – Education (including “Outreach” Public Relations resources).

We have kept the combination of Resettlement, Integration expenditure and Grants as high as possible, because these areas have the most immediate and profound impact on the new families. We also aim to keep our administration costs close to 15%. RWMK Trustees have oversight of expenditure via detailed monthly reports from the Treasurer. Full financial details are available in our Annual Reports which are available on request via the links on our contact page.

Read more about the original (2016/2017) UK government money allocation for the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Programme