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One of the main charitable objectives of Refugees Welcome Milton Keynes (as described in our constitution) is to ‘advance the education of the public in general about the issues relating to refugees and those seeking asylum.’ Toward this end, we have a Talks Team that offers a number of talks and activities for schools and non-school groups/organisations as described in turn below.


Talks and activities for schools

[Update June 2019: British Red Cross Teaching Resources for Refugee Week and Teaching Pack. ]

Talks Team members are all either experienced teachers or other professionals with experience in working with children. We can offer assemblies in schools which are adapted to each year. We try to make these as interactive as possible to engage the pupils. We cover the same topics as with the adult talks described above, backed up with a few video clips and one or two activities where we ask the students to talk in pairs or small groups and then share their ideas.

We also can offer lively interactive sessions with smaller groups of children adapted to their age groups in which we do some role play, play various games  and answer questions. The learning outcomes we hope to achieve are that they will not only gain knowledge about the refugees fleeing their countries, but also explore their assumptions about other people and ideas of a shared humanity.

With our colleagues from British Red Cross, we have trained speakers and facilitators who can offer schools (at no cost):

  • Briefing sessions for staff (twilight, staff meetings, INSET etc) including full access to free of charge Red Cross teaching materials and trigger material, publications etc
  • Short focus sessions for pupils (interactive)
  • Workshops and classroom activities for pupils at all key stages (KS1-KS5)
  • School assemblies

Please see contact/enquiry details after the next section below.


Talks for non-school groups and organisations

The Refugees Welcome Milton Keynes Talks Team can offer talks for non-school groups and organisations which address the following topics:

  • Explanation of what RMWK is and a description of how we work with the British Red Cross and Milton Keynes Council. This includes an explanation of ‘The Just One House’ project and our partnership with ‘Sanctuary Hosting’ (see the RMWK Partners page).
  • Description of the difference between asylum seekers, migrants, and refugees: myths vs facts
  • Who the refugees are and why they have had to leave their country
  • The conditions they live in and challenges they have to face
  • The UK Government Syrian Refugee Vulnerable Persons programme
  • What is happening in Milton Keynes
  • How the public can help.


Contact/enquiry details

If you would welcome a visit from our Talks Team to your group or school to work with your staff/colleagues/pupils about Refugees Welcome MK, or if you can help us with our talks/activities, please either click here to send us an ‘Talks Team Enquiry’ message or fill in the form below and press the [Submit] button at the bottom:

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“It takes a whole village to raise a child; it takes a whole community to integrate a refugee”