Check out our separate listing of resources for Schools and Housing.

Here is where you can find miscellaneous resources such as links to pertinent leaflets, documents and other sites relevant to what we do at Refugees Welcome Milton Keynes.

RWMK and Partner Organisations leaflets in PDF format

You can download items for display at your own events or for circulating to friends and colleagues:

*For a variant of this ‘tent’ with ‘Donate’ wording (e.g. to undertake your own charitable collection on behalf of Refugees Welcome Milton Keynes), please contact

You can also download flyers and updates from our partner organisations Talk English (which seeks volunteers to teach learners on Talk English Courses and help people to improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills) and Sanctuary Hosting (which matches homeless asylum seekers, refugees and vulnerable migrants to people in the community with spare rooms and open hearts, to stay with them rent free) as follows:

Need support?
The British Red Cross helps refugees and asylum seekers access essential services and adapt to life in a new country. If you need support in this way, please click on the British Red Cross logo below to be taken to the British Red Cross ‘Help For Refugees’ page:



British Red Cross helpline for refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants that want to access support: 0300 333 5393 (calls are free)

British Red Cross help via email:

No Place For Children
To read this moving and seminal document from the British Red Cross about ‘refusing to ignore people in crisis’, please click here (PDF)

Education Resources

British Red Cross Teaching Resources about Refugees

Refugee Welcome School – Are you interested in encouraging your local school to be a refugee welcome school? The link (via the National Refugee Welcome Board Resources Page) has info.

Resources from the National Refugee Welcome Board

A number of different materials have been prepared and collated to help with the work of welcoming refugees. These resources, available on the National Refugee Welcome Board’s
Resources Page, include the following:

  • Community Welcome Plan
  • Meeting your MP – A Guide
  • MP Commitment form
  • MP Commitment form for Scottish MPs
  • Refugee Welcome School
  • Citizens Housing Resource
  • RRN – Arrival to Independence
  • Syrian Refugee Resettlement Programme – updates from the Home Office to local Council Leaders

All of the above are available via links that you will find at the National Refugee Welcome Board’s Resources Page.